Work Order Tracker

As the maintenance field has changed, more maintenance managers are finding it harder to respond to service requests in a timely manner. While the demand for maintenance services has increased, the budgets and the personnel have not necessarily followed.

By simplifying maintenance management with a work order tracker, organizations can make the most of the resources they have as well as justify expenditures both today and later on.

What is a Work Order Tracker?

A work order tracker automates some of the maintenance management tasks, from receiving requests to assigning jobs to notifying the appropriate people when the job is done.

Sometimes called computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) or asset performance management (APM) software, a work order tracker can help you take control of your maintenance strategy.

Workflows are streamlined to remove repetitive and unnecessary data entry while improving the communication between all parties. Work orders can be submitted electronically, and notifications sent automatically. In general, that means…

  • Improved response times
  • Faster task completion
  • Better inventory/supply management
  • More accountability
  • Accurate budgeting, forecasting, and reporting
  • Happier customers

How Can a Work Order Tracker Help My Organization?

The goal of a work order tracker is to enable your maintenance team to spend less time on paperwork and data entry, and more time doing what they do best—maintaining your assets. As a result, organizations can improve efficiency, increase productivity, and monitor operations.

A work order tracker is a tool, just the like the hammers, drills, and other tools your maintenance team uses every day. When used correctly, a work order tracker performs the same way as any of these tools—enabling maintenance techs to get the job done in a fast and cost-effective manner.

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