Work Order Programs

Work order programs—also called computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) programs—enable maintenance managers to take control of their team’s workflow, making them more efficient and productive.

What Features are Available in Work Order Programs?

Work order management software streamlines maintenance operations by automating the process of requesting, performing, updating, and communicating the status of work order requests. Work order programs can…

  • Enable service requestors to submit and track requests electronically
  • Route work orders based on customized parameters
  • Assign and schedule maintenance tasks for technicians and vendors
  • Automatically notify the technicians of work order assignments
  • Communicate work order status to the appropriate people
  • Link labor hours, parts costs, and inventory usage to work orders
  • Gather data for reporting and analysis.

How Can My Organization Benefit from Work Order Programs?

Maintenance managers can take their maintenance operations to the next level by using work order programs to make improvements, thereby working towards your organization’s operational and financial goals.

With work order programs, you can automate much of the tedious paperwork and redundant data entry, freeing up your maintenance team’s time to focus on more important tasks.

Maintenance managers have found that word order programs improve…

  • Communication of work order progress and status
  • On-time task completion rates
  • Documentation of safety procedures
  • Sustainability efforts.

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