Why MPulse

1.Great CMMS Software

For 20 years MPulse has made high-performance software to make your job easier. Built on high-performance Microsoft .NET technology, our software is designed to grow with any size business, from small organizations with one or two maintenance technicians to global enterprises with locations around the world.

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2.More user licenses for your dollar.

MPulse expands with your growing team with “concurrent user licenses,” which allow software access based on how many people are logged in at one time. For example, a team of 10 users would need 10 named user licenses, but likely 5 or fewer concurrent licenses—saving you money.

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3.Even more user licenses for your dollar.

Tired of buying more software licenses every time you add a new employee? Our Infinity Tier offers unlimited user licenses for any MPulse edition.

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4.Our Maintenance and Support Program partners you with a professional support team.

Plus, it gives you the latest tools, free training, and software updates to keep your MPulse Software optimized, and your organization on track to reach its CMMS goals.

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5.Lower annual maintenance fees

MPulse bases its annual maintenance fees on the original list price of your software. Our competitors often base renewal fees on the current price of their software—so you never know what you’ll pay in the future.

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6.Cloud hosting or local installation? It’s your choice.

We offer our customers FREE cloud hosting for MPulse. However, if security policies, bandwidth limitations, or other issues preclude you from adopting cloud-based solutions, we’re happy to help you configure MPulse on your own network at no extra charge.

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7.Purchase, subscribe, or finance: we’ve got buying options to meet your needs.

One buying option doesn’t fit all, so MPulse remains committed to giving customers choices by offering three ways to pay for your software: purchase MPulse outright, subscribe to our Software as a Service (SaaS) program on a monthly or annual basis, or opt for our 3- to 5-year lease with a $1 Buyout Leasing option at the end.

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8.Friendly, accessible, personal support from real (happy) MPulse Humans.

We want to keep the customers whose business we’ve worked so hard to earn—so expert MPulse employees are available from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time every work day to support you. They love helping you succeed. Just ask them!

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9.Great online support options too.

The MPulse Support Portal provides a searchable knowledge base of helpful articles, a how-to video library, access to software downloads, and forms to submit support requests when you don’t have time for a phone call.

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10.Fast, easy integration with other systems.

MPulse DataLink Integration Adapter allows non-techie users to map MPulse fields to other data sources and targets, creating an easy way to exchange data. You’ll have your PLCs or ERP system talking to your CMMS in no time—without expensive specialized IT support.

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11.MPulse gives back.

MPulse employees actively participate in community organizations, many as board members or officers. MPulse encourages and rewards community service by allowing employees paid time off work to contribute. We support several philanthropic and community service organizations, like Rotary International and Rivers of Recovery.

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12.We’re already set up for the Industrial Internet of Things.

Combine MPulse DataLink Integration Adapter with MPulse Condition-Based Maintenance and you can monitor and react to asset condition in real time. While the buzz about the “coming” wave of the Internet of Things is still rising, we’re already using it to empower our customers and save them money.

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13.Our interface adapts to any device—desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone

Maintenance doesn't happen at a desk. MPulse's Adaptive "Any Device" Interface works where you work.

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14.One training option does not fit all.

MPulse has a training option to fit your budget and unique requirements. From our top-notch free online video series to our premium hands-on Assured Implementation Program (AIP), MPulse will help your team meet its goals. 97% of MPulse training grads say they expect it to improve the way they do maintenance.

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15.We love to be loved.

Who doesn’t, right? We’re proud that 9 out of 10 MPulse customers renew their support or SaaS subscription every year. Our employees love working here so much, they almost never leave. Our 5-year employee retention rate is above 95%.

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16.Lots of companies trust us—even the big guys.

MPulse has more than 2,700 customers worldwide, including a long list of household names.

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