What Is a CMMS System?

What is a CMMS system? Short for computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software, a CMMS system is the best tool for maintenance teams to track, record, and monitor the tasks and the costs associated with maintenance.

What Can a CMMS System Do for My Organization?

How much of your day is spent on tedious paperwork or sending updates? What if you could automate many of those monotonous tasks so your time could be spent on more important things?

A CMMS system can help maintenance managers with…

  • Tracking work orders
  • Scheduling preventive and corrective maintenance tasks
  • Capturing and analyzing data
  • Managing service requests
  • Documenting asset information and history
  • Managing inventory and parts
  • Controlling the costs of maintenance
  • Automating safety and regulatory compliance reporting.

What Can a CMMS System Do for My Maintenance Team?

  • PM Scheduling & Tracking: Establish, monitor, and execute time- and meter-based preventive maintenance schedules.
  • Work Order Management: Acheive comprehensive work order management with asset-level tracking capabilities, routing, and status reporting.
  • Inventory and Parts Management: Automatically link parts and track consumption used with assets when you close a work order.
  • Reporting and Documentation: Quickly create reports and documentation.
  • Mobile Device Capabilities: Manage, initiate, and complete work orders wirelessly on your handheld device.

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