What is CMMS?

Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software enables maintenance teams to improve their productivity, thereby helping organizations control the cost of maintenance and increase the efficiency of their operations.

What Can CMMS Software Do for Me?

In today's increasingly competitive world, maintenance matters. CMMS software provides maintenance departments with cutting edge tools to schedule, track, and report on all aspects of maintenance and repair.

With a computerized maintenance management system, maintenance managers can...

  • Generate and track work orders
  • Document maintenance activity and create historical records
  • Control and manage inventory and parts
  • Store digital documents and resources for easy access later
  • Ensure all health and safety procedures are followed
  • Create and distribute reports
  • Forecast and manage budgets.

CMMS Software is the Best Tool for Managing Maintenance

Imagine what your maintenance team could do with real-time data from your assets. CMMS software organizes and analyzes maintenance data so you have accurate information to base important decisions on.

Maintenance teams can use computerized maintenance management systems to...

  • Create preventive maintenance schedules based on time, usage, or condition
  • Schedule employees so the work gets done efficiently, lowering overtime costs
  • Manage inventory and supplies as well as streamline the purchasing or re-ordering process
  • Eliminate tedious paperwork and data entry
  • Streamline regulatory compliance information and reporting 
  • Reduce equipment downtime and stoppages
  • Extend the life of assets.

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