Tracking Work Orders

The center of any maintenance operation is the work order. But tracking work orders is a job in itself. Improve the way your organization tracks work orders, and reap the rewards of improved efficiency and better productivity.

How Can I Improve the Way My Organization Tracks Work Orders?

Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software is the best tool for tracking work orders—streamlining the entire process from the request to completion.

By using CMMS software for tracking work orders, you eliminate much of the redundant data entry and time-consuming manual processes that take your maintenance team away from their most important work—performing maintenance.

CMMS software helps maintenance managers with work order tracking by...

  • Automating the service request submission process
  • Streamlining communication between requester, technician, and manager
  • Scheduling work for both employees and contract workers
  • Linking work orders with parts and inventory information
  • Documenting maintenance tasks and asset history
  • Eliminating lost information between shifts
  • Storing digital resources for easy access
  • Reducing confusion and errors.

What Do I Need to Know About Tracking Work Orders?

CMMS maintenance work order systems mean you'll know the status of every maintenance task at a glance. Maintenance managers can use CMMS software to track work orders, enabling them to easily approve, assign, schedule, and manage maintenance requests.

Employee performance tracking helps you determine which employees are most efficient at which tasks, enabling managers to balance the workload. By tracking repair times, you can create benchmarks for your organization as well.

If you are looking to make your maintenance team more productive and efficient, start by using CMMS software for tracking your work orders. Our maintenance work order system is the fastest way to improve your operations, saving time and money.

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