Track Work Orders

The first step to taking control of your maintenance operations is focusing on your work orders. A work order system is the hub of any maintenance department. When you track work orders, you'll have new insight in your workflows, so you know what's working... and what’s not.

Why Should I Track Work Orders?

The best way to record maintenance data is through a work order system. You can capture valuable information—from labor hours to vendor information to parts and supplies.

Imagine less data entry and happier customers. Faster response times and fewer breakdowns. Imagine knowing when it's better to replace assets instead of repairing them as well as the right time to hire more staff members instead of paying more overtime.

It all starts with simply tracking work orders in CMMS software.

What Benefits Will I See When I Track Work Orders?

Tracking work orders offers big benefits for maintenance teams. The workflow is streamlined from the initial request to approval and assignment to completion.

Best of all that information grows over time. With each work order that's completed, you create a historical record with a wealth of information for your team.

Answer questions about how often things break down and who did what the last time. Know how long specific jobs take and what parts are needed. From vendor contact information to digital repair manuals to warranty information, you'll have everything at your fingertips.

Using CMMS software to track work orders is the best way to gather this data and then analyze and report on it. 

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Learn how a work order system from MPulse can help you track work orders, enabling your maintenance team to become more productive and more efficient, whatever your needs.