Software Feature Extensions

MPulse software extensions for CMMS are add-on modules that extend the capabilities of MPulse Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum editions by adding advanced features. MPulse Platinum includes DataLink Integration Adapter and Condition-Based Maintenance.

Feature Extensions
Real-Time Monitoring Bundle (RTM)

Get maintenance information automatically from your assets and virtually eliminate the need for manual data collection with real-time condition monitoring.

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Inventory Clerk

Do items seem to appear on your storeroom shelves without getting properly received? Do spare parts disappear or miss getting linked to work orders? MPulse Inventory Clerk Software will help you never miscount again

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Datalink Integration Adapter

DataLink Integration Adapter connects MPulse with other critical applications. Easy interface allows you to easily integrate.

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Purchase Requisitions

Monitors work orders, reorder lists, and requisition records, and produces requisitions as needed.

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Condition-based Maintenance (CBM)

MPulse condition-based maintenance software (CBM) is an add-on that keeps tabs on the actual state of your critical assets by recording the output of any meters and gauges on that asset.

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Advanced Asset Status Board

Need to track a complex operation on multiple boards? MPulse Advanced Asset Status Board (ASB) gives you unlimited boards and allows you to track based on a broader range of metrics.

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Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Gives you precise, field-level control over which user roles see which records in MPulse.

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Request Approval Routing Manager

Automatically filter maintenance requests based on your predetermined criteria, then quickly route them to the appropriate people for review and approval.

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