Software Editions That Scale With You

Bronze Edition


Maintenance Managers

MPulse Bronze is an entry-level solution for preventive maintenance (PM) and work order management. Our Bronze package helps maintenance teams gain better control over their scheduling and tracking processes so they can use resources wisely and measure results accurately.

Silver Edition


Maintenance Managers & Facility Managers

MPulse Silver has all the great preventive maintenance and work order management features included in Bronze. In addition, you gain the ability to receive, manage, and update service requests from unlimited requesters. If you have inbound maintenance requests, Silver is your edition.

Gold Edition


All sizes and types of sophisticated maintenance teams.

MPulse Gold offers a full suite of features and functions—from managing PMs, work orders, and service requests, to tracking and controlling inventory and managing vendors. Sophisticated features, like Asset Lifecycle Tracking, make this edition a professional-grade tool for experienced maintenance teams of all types and sizes.

Platinum Edition


Large, sophisticated organizations with complex maintenance operations. Includes feature extensions designed for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

MPulse Platinum includes all the core features and functions offered in our entire product line, plus our IIoT-ready feature extensions—Condition-Based Maintenance and DataLink Integration Adapter. MPulse Platinum makes management, tracking, and reporting easier for even the largest, most complex maintenance operations.