Expert CMMS Consulting Services

MPulse Means Continuous Collaboration

A successful maintenance management program requires more than just great software. You need well-trained people who know how to use it, and you need a solution set up right to work with your company’s assets and business processes. Our Expert Consulting Services can markedly accelerate your success. MPulse expert consulting services are designed to suit the goals of any organization, any schedule, and any budget.

Our MPulse maintenance software help and expert consulting services include:

Dedicated Account Manager

Your MPulse Dedicated Account Manager is your personal MPulse consultant.

Our goal is to ensure your long-term needs continue to be met.

The combination of your Dedicated Account Manager’s detailed knowledge about your organization and MPulse expertise ensures the ongoing success of your MPulse Maintenance Software implementation.

With your MPulse Dedicated Account Manager, you have a single point of contact for anything MPulse related.

That means you are always working with someone who understands your organization and has the knowledge to implement our software to meet your needs.

Participating customers speak with their MPulse Account Manager regularly and usually have reoccurring, scheduled phone meetings. Your Dedicated Account Manager also can serve as a liaison between you and MPulse engineers.

Dedicated Account Manager Services

Your MPulse Dedicated Account Manager focuses on making sure your organization gets the most out its MPulse solution. Dedicated Account Managers work with ten or fewer organizations to make sure they know each one thoroughly. MPulse Dedicated Account Manager services include…

  • Regular status meetings to monitor ongoing priorities
  • Resolution of post‐implementation issues such as problems, changes, enhancements, and questions
  • Consulting and help with specifications for new functionality requests
  • Communication between your team and MPulse engineers when requests, issues, or questions arise
  • Notification of software enhancements or repair

Dedicated Account Manager Features

When you subscribe to our MPulse Dedicated Account Manager service, you’ll receive…

  • Custom contact and case creation
    • Dedicated support email
    • Direct number to your Dedicated Account Manager’s mobile phone (during business hours)
  • A Service Level Agreement (SLA) for managed response times
    • 4-hour response upon submission of open ticket
    • 24-hour resolution or plan for resolution upon ticket submission
  • Regular, scheduled status meetings with all stakeholders

MPulse Reset

Things Change. MPulse Helps You Adapt and Re-focus.

Sometimes maintenance management feels like a moving target. It’s easy to get redirected away from the CMMS implementation that was once your priority. You had big plans for using MPulse CMMS software to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and get better visibility of maintenance histories. But your day-to-day responsibilities can distract you from realizing your vision. It’s time to push the Reset button on your MPulse implementation.

Who is MPulse Reset For?

If you’re an existing MPulse customer who’s already worked through any of our other MPulse Software training and implementation services, MPulse Reset is for you. MPulse Reset can also help you reconfigure your workflows and benchmarks, and then determine where adjustments to your software can help. MPulse Reset makes the most of your time and budget by delivering our best implementation and consulting services remotely through the latest virtual meeting and collaboration technology. Download the MPulse Reset Datasheet (PDF).

A Goal-Oriented Approach

Upon completion of MPulse Reset, you’ll have

  • A clear implementation adjustment plan based on updated benchmarks and key performance indicators (KPI)
  • A timeline with goal-based milestones and efficiency goals
  • Revisions to your MPulse database to support your plan
  • Redesigned workflows to meet your objectives
  • Instruction on any revised workflows or MPulse features
  • A plan for additional training as required

With the MPulse Reset, you can rest assured you’re following a comprehensive process to drive results.

How Can MPulse Reset Help Me?

MPulse Reset delivers our best implementation and consulting services via the latest online meeting software, making the most of your time and budget.

What If I Need More?

If you complete our MPulse Reset service and then decide onsite training services will best serve your goals, the price paid for MPulse Reset can be applied toward the purchase price of the MPulse Assess, Adjust, and Implement (AAI) service.

MPulse Assess, Adjust, and Implement (AAI) Program

A successful maintenance management program requires more than just great software.

You need well-trained people who know how to use it, and you need a solution set up right to work with your company’s assets and business processes.

The MPulse Assess, Adjust, and Implement (AAI) program begins with a comprehensive assessment of your current state and concludes with training and services to assist you in implementing improvements.

AAI is for MPulse customers who want to get more out of their implementation. It’s an ideal option for “rebooting” a waning program or finding ways to squeeze more efficiency out of an already successful one.

Key Benefits

  • Improved results
  • Optimized processes
  • Renewed focus on maintenance management discipline
  • Identifying new ways to use the full range of MPulse’s robust feature set
  • Expand use of MPulse throughout the enterprise

Comprehensive Service, Minimal Disruption

Our intensive program covers all the phases of a successful implementation. You’ll be assigned a Senior MPulse Engineer who’ll guide you the whole way through.

Kickoff Meeting

  • Perform a collaborative needs analysis
  • Establish goals
  • Develop a plan for training curriculum, MPulse data clean up, and/or migration
  • Create work processes
  • Design reports and a database layout
  • Assign responsibilities
  • Import/clean up data in the MPulse database
  • Stakeholders receive instruction from an expert trainer/consultant
  • Simulate real scenarios using your own data
  • Ensure your key players are up and running

“Go Live” Day Options

  • Develop asset records
  • Build preventive maintenance schedules
  • Set up user groups
  • Create work orders
  • Enter service requests
  • Test workflows
  • Build dashboards


  • Day 1: Planning Meeting/Software Training/ Consulting
  • Day 2-3: Software Training/Consulting
  • Day 4: “Go Live”

MPulse Implementation Success Guarantee

We’re so sure you’ll see results with the AAI program, we offer the MPulse Implementation Success Guarantee. Contact us to learn how we back up our promises.

Expert Consulting Services for CMMS Software Implementation
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