Application Hosting Services

MPulse Means Free Hosting

You and your department are busy with asset management—who has time to worry about data hosting? Application Hosting Services (AHS) takes the burden of hosting and technology setup off your hands so you can focus on your business. We use Microsoft’s .NET technology—the best software hosting service framework available—to make sure everything runs smoothly and securely. Even better, AHS is always free to customers with active Maintenance and Support Program (MSP) subscriptions!

Keep Your Focus on Maintenance

Maintenance is the heart of your business, and MPulse offers application software hosting services as an easy way to take technology management out of the equation. With MPulse covering the technology and back-end service, you’re free to concentrate on what matters most: taking care of your assets.

Own Your Data

With the AHS, you own the user rights to the MPulse application, databases, any custom configurations you’ve created, and any data you’ve entered into the application. You own your data and can access it at any time. And, if at any time you decide to take your application hosting in-house, we’ll help with the transfer as part of the MSP subscription.

World Class Technology + World Class Hosting

We’ve combined this software hosting services technology with a robust data center provided by Rackspace, meaning users can be located anywhere and the MPulse application hosting can be accessed via web browser. All application hosting connectivity is through standard web ports, and in most cases no special configuration is required. Using .NET technology allows us to separate our application hosting into layers, or “tiers”, including a data tier and a business logic tier. These software hosting services are managed in a professional and controlled hosting environment.

Reliable and Secure

The MPulse Application Hosting Service gives you:

  • Lower infrastructure costs
  • Less technical complexity
  • A more solid and secure hosting environment
  • Faster connections
  • Better performance
  • A server capacity that’s double the standard installation requirements
  • High reliability
  • Fast implementation of patches, updates, and upgrades

Rackspace provides an SSAE 16 Type II certified cloud hosting & recovery service to ensure mission-critical applications are Always On. Their solutions combine certified production deployments with fully-tested, disaster recovery services to provide the highest levels of availability, security, responsiveness, and recovery. Distributed directly and through their nationwide partners, Rackspace's enterprise-class solutions include hybrid hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, managed hosting, enterprise colocation, disaster recovery, and business continuity services. Their network of geographically dispersed data centers, and their expertise in managed and cloud hosting, enables clients to combine infrastructure solutions to help drive business success by ensuring their systems are always on.

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Application Hosting Services