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Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) Datasheet

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) Datasheet

You work in a complex environment, dealing not only with numerous types of assets, but managing multiple teams, departments, and maintenance customers.

Even with the best software, navigating so much data can be a challenge.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your maintenance personnel saw only the records that were relevant to their unique workloads?

What if your plumbers could see only plumbing work orders, electricians only the electrical work orders, and your facilities folks just the buildings and grounds records?

What if your team responsible for maintenance on only one of your locations saw only records for that location?

MPulse’s Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) Extension Module lets you do just that.


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Enhanced Security and Record Display Control

MPulse RBAC is a data filtering utility that puts record-level access control in your hands. With RBAC, you can easily adjust settings in your MPulse implementation so the right people have the right access to the right records.

  • Have sensitive information? Limit which records your employees see depending on their role in the organization.
  • Easily filter data: Filter according to departments, work order types, locations, or other fields.
  • Multiple business units? Assign roles so people see the only their operating unit’s information.
  • Categorize data: Choose which data are global, and which are unique to a group.
  • Keep things organized: Define an unlimited number of custom filters.
  • Arrange by skill set: Automatically link data to a user’s area of expertise.

Increased Productivity

With MPulse RBAC you can be sure your employees get access to what they need—and only what they need.

Lose a device? No problem. Centralized control ensures you can keep unwanted users out.

With RBAC, you’ll…

  • Reduce errors in data entry
  • Prevent unauthorized users from viewing or editing data
  • Gain tighter control over data access
  • Eliminate the “data clutter” of unnecessary information
  • Keep your teams running smoothly

Study after study shows that software that’s easier to use is used more often—and more effectively. Removing the “clutter” will significantly streamline data access for your teams. Fully integrated with all MPulse CMMS/EAM products, MPulse RBAC delivers the right level of access to your company’s valuable information.