Preventive Maintenance Systems

Preventive maintenance systems are an important part of modern maintenance management. Instead of reacting when things go wrong, preventive maintenance enables maintenance teams to take a proactive approach to their maintenance operations.

Preventive maintenance systems schedule maintenance tasks and inspections at specified periods, using based on time or usage. Preventive maintenance tasks also can be scheduled based on asset or part condition, which is called condition-based maintenance. Additionally, maintenance technicians can record asset condition, so they know to replace or repair equipment before it fails.

How Can Preventive Maintenance Systems Help Maintenance Managers?

Preventive maintenance systems help maintenance managers schedule tasks that prevent asset breakdowns instead of reacting when things go wrong. In the long run, preventive maintenance systems save time and money as well as increase the life cycle of equipment and assets.

Typically preventive maintenance systems are used for assets that are critical for operations, have preventable failure modes, or are increasingly likely to fail with time or use. The goal is to reduce reactive maintenance and avoid additional costs. These costs include...

  • production losses
  • higher costs for parts and shipping
  • employee time losses
  • loss of finished product
  • damage to organization's reputation.

Maintenance managers are finding preventive maintenance systems pay off in the long run as they improve equipment condition, reduce emergency expenditures, and save time on maintenance work.

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