Preventive Maintenance Software Programs

Preventive maintenance software programs are the best tool for maintenance managers to schedule tasks, track work orders, monitor inventory, record asset history, and manage workloads. The goal of preventive maintenance is to prevent emergency breakdowns and losses in productivity as well as delay more expensive repairs and extend asset life cycles.

Preventive maintenance tasks are usually determined by manufacturer recommendations, regulatory or certification requirements, best practices, or historical performance. Preventive maintenance software programs streamline this process, helping maintenance departments stay on top of important tasks, while make sure other work doesn't slip through the cracks.

How Do Preventive Maintenance Software Programs Help Maintenance Managers?

Preventive maintenance software programs—which are also called computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software programs—include the following features:

  • Scheduling: Streamlines scheduling and tracking of preventive maintenance tasks, which can be set up based on time or usage.
  • Automated Notification: Automates communication to notify appropriate staff members when a task is due.
  • Vendor Management: Tracks vendor information for scheduling visits and keeping consistent records.
  • Procedure Documentation: Stores procedure information and resources, so this data can be easily accessed in the future.
  • Asset History: Maintains asset records, which provides a historical account of past performance, costs, warranties, and maintenance tasks.
  • Cost Tracking: Tracks and records cost information for labor and inventory.

Preventive maintenance software programs can help maintenance managers improve reliability, lower costs, and provide compliance reports. Learn more about choosing CMMS software in our blog post.

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