Preventive Maintenance Schedule

A preventive maintenance (PM) schedule reminds maintenance technicians when to perform preventive checks and services on assets. The best tool for creating and maintaining a preventive maintenance schedule is computerized maintenance scheduling software. CMMS software automates your preventive maintenance schedule so your maintenance teams knows what needs to happen when.

What's the Best Way to Create a Preventive Maintenance Schedule?

  1. If you are ready to schedule preventive maintenance tasks, start by writing down the most important 10–20 assets. Think about the ones your team spends the most time or money on, and those most critical to your business’s success.
  2. For each asset, set up the PM schedule in your CMMS software.
  3. Tell your team that it’s now mandatory to log all PMs and repairs on those key assets in your CMMS.
  4. Create a report in your CMMS that tells you when and if the PMs and repairs on your key assets are being done.
  5. Check your report and follow up with your team members with “atta-boys” for completing them correctly, or with reminders and corrections when they’re not.
  6. Post the reports in a public area.
  7. Ask for feedback to fine tune and improve how you’re using the CMMS.
  8. Now simply repeat step 1 with 10‒20 more assets.

Before you know it, you’ll be on your way to achieving the bigger goals of preventive maintenance scheduling—reducing failures and emergencies and increasing the usable life of your assets.

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MPulse Software, Inc can help you create a preventive maintenance schedule to make your maintenance programs more productive and more efficient.