Predictive Maintenance Program

The maintenance world is changing from reactive repairs to predicting problems and breakdowns. More companies are enlisting the help of a predictive maintenance program to turbo-charge their preventive maintenance programs and increase asset life cycles.

What Is a Predictive Maintenance Program?

Predictive maintenance tools help organizations determine when assets are likely to fail by analyzing maintenance data. Predictive maintenance takes preventive maintenance to the next level by monitoring signs of wear and/or failure that scheduled preventive maintenance tasks can miss.

Real-time maintenance data gives you much more powerful information about your assets. This information increases in value over time because prior failure patterns can predict future failure patterns.

The goal is to make operations more reliable by making repairs and/or replacements before actual breakdowns occur, thereby saving time and money for the organization.

What Can a Predictive Maintenance Program Do for Me?

With predictive maintenance tools, you can schedule maintenance work based on the true condition of your assets, helping your company make informed business decisions and saving both money and time.

Predictive maintenance tools can enable your maintenance team to…

  • Determine when and where asset failures will likely occur
  • Analyze the causes of failures
  • Prevent emergency downtime
  • Monitor parts inventory
  • Track warranty claims
  • Decrease product quality issues
  • Improve operations planning
  • Promote safety
  • Lengthen asset lifecycle
  • Reduce maintenance costs

Plus, a predictive maintenance program can help organizations maintain or even increase production capacity. That makes them more competitive in our global marketplace.

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