Our People

The accomplished leaders behind MPulse are dedicated to making maintenance teams more successful. Their strong involvement and passion for their work helps make MPulse a valuable member of any maintenance team.

MPulse Means

More Uptime

"As a result of using MPulse, we have had less breakdowns and repairs."

— Public Works and Operations Manager, Port of Port Angeles, WA

Jason Johnson, CEO
Jason Johnson

An Army officer at age 22, Jason has a long track record of succeeding in leadership roles. He’s combined entrepreneurial savvy, high-tech experience, and industry know-how with a formal business education to develop a unique understanding of the industrial software market.

Jason’s eclectic career includes stints as a US Army officer and a rock music photojournalist—but his core focus has always been high technology and enterprise software. He's provided consulting and executive management for many industry leaders, including Microsoft, Seagate, Avaya, NTT Verio, and NetApp. Advising the US government, Jason led key technology product development projects for the US Air Force, the US Navy, and the Department of Homeland Security.

Jason currently serves on two nonprofit boards with Rivers of Recovery, a national organization devoted to serving returning combat veterans, and the McKenzie River Trust, a land trust devoted to protecting critical habitat and scenic lands along Oregon’s McKenzie River and several other regional watersheds


Randy Brous, CTO
Randy Brous

A self-taught domain expert, Randy is a master industrial technologist and the principal architect of MPulse’s last five major software releases, the latest of which comprises more than a million lines of code.

Randy has served in a wide range of capacities on the MPulse team for nearly two decades, working his way up from an entry-level sales job. He currently leads the company's 20-person development team and has primary responsibility for product design and implementation. He also oversees a cutting-edge IT infrastructure. Before joining MPulse, he spent 3 years in residential and industrial construction. 

Randy has devoted his career to innovating information technology in industrial/facility settings. He’s guided more than 500 maintenance management software implementations in diverse industries, including higher education, basic manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, energy, defense, food processing, hospitality, healthcare, and many, many more.