Online Work Order Management

Online work order management is changing the way maintenance teams work—making them more efficient while improving communication and reducing paperwork. With modern online work order management tools, you can easily receive work orders from an unlimited number of requesters, enter requests manually, and automate tasks via your preventive maintenance program.

Then simply approve, assign, schedule, and manage maintenance requests for your staff members or vendors—all from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection. Plus, automated confirmations can be customized and sent to requesters, managers, and technicians. Reporting functions help you keep a close eye on the key indicators you choose.

What Can I Do with Online Work Order Management Tools?

  • Report problems in the field, as you see them
  • Capture data when and where it happens
  • Identify what work’s been assigned to you
  • Look up completed or closed work orders
  • Complete and close work orders
  • Assign work to a specific asset

How Can Online Work Management Tools Help Me?

Online work order management features in online computerized maintenance management solution (CMMS) software can help maintenance managers...

  • Automate schedules for both employees and contract workers
  • Eliminates lost information between shifts—reducing confusion and errors
  • Track employee performance
  • Balance the workload
  • Create benchmarks
  • Link to asset information
  • Capture important details about repairs from your technicians
  • Track personnel and vendor costs
  • Link to external media files to keep information easily accessible
  • Easily find the status of work orders. 

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