Modern CMMS

Modern CMMS software exchanges data with other systems to create actionable management information without human intervention. Controlled user access matches needs, responsibilities, and authority levels. Cloud-based servers make CMMS data accessible anywhere, any time.

What Can I Do with Modern CMMS Software?

Modern preventative maintenance software can do things like

  • Collect run-time data from your MRP/MES system
  • Automate data collection from your assets
  • Create purchase requisitions to feed into your AR/AP system
  • Automatically update PO status from your ERP system
  • Gather vehicle odometer readings with your fuel card system
  • Track MRO inventory by storeroom and roll it up to purchasing.

Today maintenance managers aren’t limited to what a software vendor thinks is important. It’s now easy to customize preventative maintenance software, creating different user experiences to make the software easier to learn and use. You also can automate tedious tasks that take up too much of your time, like emailing repair status updates or collecting labor hours for HR reports.

Modern CMMS is limited only by your imagination. You can

  • Use data on an asset’s condition to schedule PMs
  • Track budget expenditures in real time on the shop floor
  • Implement an automatic intelligent request approval routing system
  • Trigger maintenance tasks using PLC data.

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