Management Maintenance

The field of maintenance has experienced a great deal of change recently. Once the maintenance team flew under the radar. Today more organizations understand that maintenance is a key part of the health of their business because the maintenance team is responsible for major assets—which directly affect the bottom line and effectiveness of the organization.

How Has the Management of Maintenance Changed?

The biggest change in the management of maintenance is the increased focus on data. In modern maintenance management, decisions are made based on data—hard facts gathered through the recording of every day maintenance tasks. This data is extremely valuable. Analysis of maintenance data by CMMS software offers new insight for maintenance management, so decisions are based on fact instead of hunches or guesses.

Technological advances continue to make more and more detailed, relevant data available. And with that increased capability comes increased opportunity to improve organizational performance at all levels, and in all departments. Expectations, too, are rising. Managers from the front lines to the corporate headquarters have ever-growing expectations that the data they ask their employees for will be accurate, reliable, and readily available.

How Can I Improve the Management of My Maintenance Team?

When you manage your maintenance with computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software, your maintenance team can...

  • Validate the issue and provide the big picture
  • Show who did what when
  • Measure accomplishment
  • Make the process visible
  • Reduce stress levels.

Smart, proactive maintenance managers are taking advantage of modern technologies to forecast, manage, and monitor maintenance activities. And they’re using preventive and predictive maintenance tools and strategies to keep assets running and unplanned maintenance to a minimum.

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