Maintenance Software Programs

One of the biggest technological developments for the maintenance management field is the capabilities of maintenance software programs. Also called computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) software, maintenance software programs have revolutionized the way maintenance teams work—improving efficiency and productivity while strengthening the financial viability of organizations, both large and small.

How Have Maintenance Software Programs Evolved?

Once, not so long ago, maintenance software programs were beyond the reach of most organizations. High prices and impelmentation challenges made this technology available to only large, entreprise-level organizations. Even then, the features paled in comparison to the power of modern CMMS applications.

Not anymore.

Today, maintenance software programs are far more flexible and powerful, and they offers a great deal of bang for your buck. The technology has changed in four significant ways:

  • Computer technology grows more powerful—typically doubling every two years—and it gets cheaper over time.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS), which allows users to pay a monthly fee in exchange for online access to hosted or “cloud-based” software, greatly reduces the upfront cost, eliminates the need for local installation and upgrades, and makes it easier for companies to get up and running almost immediately.
  • As the industry has matured, software companies have continued to innovate to earn more customers and to compete effectively with their rivals, which has created consistent downward pressure on software pricing.
  • The use of cloud technology—“on-demand” software applications hosted on Internet-accessible servers—allows companies to outsource application management and hosting, now even small organizations have access to enterprise-level services while reducing onsite implementation and management costs.

What Can Maintenance Software Programs Do for Me?

These changes have resulted in more options for maintenance software programs, so this technology is now within reach of every company, large or small. Faster software implementations and reduced costs mean organizations of all sizes have the opportunity to use powerful, affordable, enterprise-class maintenance software programs.

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