Maintenance Software Demo

When you’re beginning your evaluation of a maintenance software package with a demo, it’s fair to expect sales reps to provide price-range estimates.

Of course, you’ll have to cooperate by answering questions about your specific needs. The more accurate answers you give, the better price estimate you’ll get.

When Should I Ask for a Maintenance Software Demo?

If the range of the estimate is in your ballpark, you can feel confident about going forward with evaluating the product and company. Now it’s time for a maintenance software demo.

There’s nothing that can compare to hands-on experience to evaluate the capabilities of maintenance software to meet your needs. So, take the time to really put the software through its paces during the demo.

What Questions Should I Ask in a Maintenance Software Demo?

While each organization has different needs, here is a good start on questions to consider asking in a maintenance software demo.

  1. How easy is the software to use?
  2. What features are included in the software package?
  3. What add-on features are available?
  4. Does the software meet our current needs?
  5. Is the software scalable if our needs change?
  6. What are the licensing options?
  7. What hardware do we need to use the software?
  8. Is the software compatible with our mobile devices?
  9. What are the backup and security options?
  10. What’s the five-year total cost of ownership?
  11. What training services will we need?
  12. What integration services do you provide?
  13. How do you migrate data from our legacy systems?
  14. What options do you have for maintenance/support agreements?
  15. How easy is it for us to find help when we need it?

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