Maintenance Software Comparison

Investing in CMMS is a big decision, and it requires solid research to make sure the software you choose is the right fit for you.

One of the best ways to narrow down your search is to do a CMMS system comparison so you can evaluate your choices based on your specific criteria.  

Don't forget about implementation services and support options. Those are just as important as the equipment maintenance program features.

What Should I Include in My Maintenance Software Comparison?

While you should base your CMMS system comparison on the things that are important to your operations, here's a few ideas to get you started...

  • Work order management capabilities, including automatic communication, approval, and/or creation
  • Preventive maintenance scheduling, including automated schedules or condition based
  • Service request management, automatic communication, and notifications
  • Asset tracking and life cycle management
  • Digital document storage, including websites, PDFs, photos, etc.
  • Inventory management, including assigning parts to work orders, tracking stock levels, and integration with other financial software
  • Barcode creation and reading
  • Labor costs tracking, scheduling, and analysis
  • Reporting capabilities, including future needs as well as current ones
  • Customization options, including fields, tabs, layouts, etc.
  • Data storage and backup options and software maintenance plans
  • Vendor and contractor tracking
  • Documentation, including safety and regulatory compliance
  • Mobile capability, including connectivity options
  • User interface
  • Scalability and upgrade options
  • Training programs
  • Price, discounts, finance options
  • Number and level of user licenses
  • Cloud versus onsite
  • SaaS versus purchase
  • Customer referrals

While a maintenance software comparison may feel time consuming, it's time well spent. Because it will certainly take a lot more of your time if your equipment maintenance program doesn't meet your needs or isn't a good fit.

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