Maintenance Management Systems

Maintenance management software systems—commonly referred to as computerized maintenance management solution (CMMS) software—help maintenance managers control the costs of maintenance by recording and analyzing data about labor costs, inventory costs, and asset history. This information becomes a valuable tool to improve the efficiency and productivity of maintenance teams.

What Are Maintenance Management Systems?

Maintenance management software systems are used by maintenance departments to...

  • manage work orders
  • create preventive maintenance programs
  • schedule inspections
  • document repair costs
  • assign employees
  • track equipment downtime
  • control inventory
  • improve safety
  • record asset data
  • report information
  • and much more.

How Can Maintenance Management Systems Help Me?

CMMS solutions help track maintenance work and analyze the data to find ways to improve maintenance operations.  As a result, maintenance managers can make decisions based on verifiable data, instead of assumptions or opinions. The results can help improve your maintenance team's efficiency, strengthen the quality of your management decisions, control your maintenance costs, and manage your documentation of everything from asset history to regulatory compliance paperwork.

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