Maintenance Management

Maintenance is an important—yet sometimes overlooked—component of running an efficient and productive organization. Improving your maintenance management with computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software can help you…

  • Increase asset uptime and/or availability
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Improve inventory management
  • Control costs
  • Meet compliance documentation requirements
  • Strengthen security and safety procedures

What Is Maintenance Management?

Maintenance refers to the care and repair of any asset—equipment, vehicles, tools, buildings, outdoor spaces, etc. Modern maintenance management seeks to prevent breakdowns and extend asset life cycles, thereby saving considerable time and cost to organizations.

Once most maintenance teams used the “run to failure” method of maintenance—where repairs or replacements were delayed until something broke. Today maintenance teams focus on preventive maintenance and condition-based maintenance to prevent those breakdowns before they affect operations.

What Are the Benefits of Maintenance Management?

Maintenance management hold many benefits for organizations of all types and sizes. In general, maintenance management software can help your team…

  • Collect asset data
  • Analyze that data to aid in decision making
  • Document procedures and processes
  • Track costs and create budgets
  • Store manufacturer, vendor, and safety information
  • Improve asset availability

As a result, you can control the costs associated with maintenance, helping your organization make the most of the resources it has.

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