Job Order Management

One of the most important—and most frustrating—aspects of maintenance management is job order management.

Traditionally, organizations have used pen and paper—and more recently spreadsheets and other office software programs—to manage and track job orders.

But as globalization has increased the complexity of our world, today’s maintenance department needs something more. And that’s where computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software can help.

How Can CMMS Software Help Me with Job Order Management?

The heart of any maintenance operation is job order management. The goal of CMMS is to automate much of the tediousness of managing your job orders while also collecting information that can be used later for analysis and reporting purposes.

Imagine information at your fingertips like…

  • Job order status
  • Employee hours
  • Repair history
  • Inventory and supply counts
  • Asset type and location
  • Warranty information
  • Vendor manuals and contact information

CMMS software is designed specifically for maintenance, and it can give you all that, and much more.

Why Do I Need CMMS Software for Job Order Management?

With CMMS software, you can see what's happening in your maintenance department. Advanced job order management features increase accountability because you'll know who did what and when. And that's information that comes in handy when your boss or a regulatory compliance inspector starts asking questions.

You’ll know when work is behind schedule or what job is held up because of issues. And you’ll be able to improve the efficiency and increase the productivity of your department, no matter if it is large or small.

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