Enterprise Asset Management System

An enterprise asset management software system can help you track the important metrics that help you understand the true life cycle cost of your assets: purchase price and date, life expectancy, warranty expiration, replacement cost, and more. Plus, you'll see where those costs are coming from: labor, parts, energy, and more.

What Can an Enterprise Asset Management System Do?

Connect all your separate locations or databases across your distributed enterprise so you can have truly global settings, global reporting, and enterprise-wide inventory search and transfer.

An enterprise asset management software system helps you decide when you should repair an asset and when you should replace it. Outdated machinery can easily cost more than it's worth. Your oldest machine might be costing you the least amount of money in repairs—or the most—but you’ll only know if the data is there.

How Can My Organization Benefit from an Enterprise Asset Management System?

With EAM software, maintenance managers can…

  • Track work orders
  • Schedule preventive and corrective maintenance tasks
  • Capture and analyze data
  • Manage service requests
  • Document asset information and history
  • Manage inventory and parts
  • Control the costs of maintenance
  • Automate safety and regulatory compliance reporting.

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EAM software from MPulse can help make your maintenance programs more productive and more efficient, whatever your needs.