Enterprise Asset Management

As your business grows, so do your maintenance needs. Enterprise asset management (EAM) is life cycle management of equipment or assets within an organization.

Maintenance managers use enterprise asset management to connect multiple locations or databases across your enterprise, allowing them to share data.

What Do I Need to Know About Enterprise Asset Management?

Enterprise asset management tools enable you to...

  • Drive data consistency and reliable reporting across your business
  • Define the same values for items such as menus, picklists, and other application controls
  • Apply standardization where necessary or desirable
  • Grant local control to those who really need it.

How Can Enterprise Asset Management Help Me?

Maintenance managers can use enterprise asset management to improve communication, standardized preventive maintenance schedules, increase reliability, ensure regulatory compliance, and support organizational initiatives. Other benefits include...

  • Scalability
  • Consistent navigation
  • Global visibility of your most important metrics
  • Better inventory visibility
  • Near-real time view of asset health across the enterprise.

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Enterprise asset management solutions from MPulse can help make your maintenance programs more productive and more efficient, whatever your needs.