Easy-To-Use CMMS

Once, not so long ago, you needed a specialized consulting team and a few months to integrate computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software. Today—thanks to easy-to-use, off-the-shelf integration capabilities—you can be up and running faster than ever.

CMMS maintenance has opened up tremendous opportunity for maintenance managers who want to further automate their operations.

What Can Easy-To-Use CMMS Software Do for Me?

Easy-to-use CMMS maintenance software offers these benefits for maintenance organizations:

Focus on Maintenance Operations
Easy-to-use CMMS solutions are designed with maintenance people in mind—for planning and managing maintenance and assets. That means you can spend less time learning to use your CMMS software and more time focusing on maintenance.

Compatibility with External Applications
Maintenance managers can easily share maintenance data with their organization’s systems of record. They don’t need to worry about manually reformatting volumes of data to just to satisfy the requirement of other systems.  

Data Collection from Multiple Sources
Easy-to-use CMMS maintenance software can collect data from building automation systems as well as from meters, PLCs, and gauges on the factory floor. In fact, a modern CMMS, properly integrated, can use data from virtually any source to feed its alerts, alarms, and reports.

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