Randall Brous, CTO

A self-taught domain expert, Randall is a master industrial technologist and the principal architect of MPulse’s last six major software releases, the latest of which comprises nearly two million lines of code.

Randall has held a wide range of responsibilities on the MPulse team for nearly two decades, working his way up from an entry-level sales job. He currently leads the company's 10-person development team and has primary responsibility for product design and implementation. He also oversees a cutting-edge IT infrastructure. Before joining MPulse, he spent 5 years in residential and industrial construction. 

Randall has devoted his career to innovating information technology in industrial/facility settings. He’s guided more than 500 maintenance management software implementations in diverse industries, including higher education, basic manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, energy, defense, food processing, hospitality, healthcare, and many, many more.

Randy is an avid international traveler. He also enjoys fly fishing and is an accomplished amateur actor, appearing in numerous community theater productions each year. 

Randall Brous, MPulse CTO