Computerized Maintenance Management System

Do you have a computerized maintenance program? Maintenance managers interested in computerized maintenance management system software typically are looking for technology that will help control the cost of maintenance by improving the efficiency of their teams and identifying ways to prevent or reduce asset downtime.

What Does a Computerized Maintenance Management System Do?

Computerized maintenance management system software, sometimes referred to as a computerized maintenance program, enables maintenance professionals to schedule and track all maintenance tasks. Over time, the data gathered from work orders and computerized maintenance programs become very valuable when it’s time to make informed decisions about asset repairs or replacements.

How Can a Computerized Maintenance Management System Help Me?

The basic functions of computerized maintenance management system software include:

  • Work order management: Receive work orders from requesters, enter requests manually, and automate tasks via your preventive maintenance program. Computerized maintenance management system software helps you approve, assign, schedule, and manage maintenance requests for your staff members or vendors.
  • Preventive maintenance management: Generate a schedule of PM tasks, making it simpler to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. When a maintenance team establishes and regularly performs preventive maintenance tasks that contribute to the upkeep of assets, an organization may be able to sidestep serious problems that arise as a result of neglect as well as delay more expensive maintenance.
  • Inventory management: Manage inventory by creating simple records of items to track and report on consumption. More advanced features include active tracking and management of stocking levels or reorder points.
  • Asset management: Decide whether to repair or replace a failed asset by using computerized maintenance management software to calculate the cost of maintenance and determine the overall cost trends.
  • Safety documentation: Create a reliable central repository for maintenance and safety data to help your organization pass inspections and audits, and avoid fines.

Best of all, modern computerized maintenance management system software can work directly with other computer systems within the organization, which reduces the time spent on data input and reduce errors.

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