CMMS Maintenance

Historically many maintenance operations were reactive—performing maintenance work when an asset or piece of equipment broke or shut down operations. With CMMS software, maintenance operations become proactive, preventing equipment failures before they happen.

How Can CMMS Help My Maintenance Team?

Using CMMS software enables maintenance managers to track and schedule maintenance work so their technicians are working efficiently and safely. Easy-to-use reporting features can help you quickly produce status reports and documents giving details or summaries of your team’s maintenance work.

With solid data and easy-to-read maintenance software reports, CMMS software can help your organization make good decisions based on hard evidence, which will improve its ability to compete effectively and efficiently.

What Does CMMS Software Do for Maintenance Managers?

Major features of CMMS software include:

  • Work Order Management: Track the management of repairs and establish a preventive maintenance program with the details of repair and maintenance work, including the asset, maintenance employee, parts, repair date and time, schedule, and much more.
  • Asset Records: Store details about your equipment, vehicles, buildings, and any other type of asset your team maintains, which provides the basis for life cycle analysis and replacement forecasting.
  • Employee and Contractor Data Storage: Track data about the employees, subcontractors, and vendors who do your maintenance work.
  • Inventory Management: Link items and their unit costs to work orders and assets, creating simple records of inventory items that let you track and report on consumption of those items.

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