Back to CMMS Basics, Part 9: What if I Need to Integrate with My Organization’s Other Software?

7th December 2017

As we continue our series, let's talk about other things you need from your CMMS software. For example, now that maintenance typically works closely with other internal departments, you often need to share data across software applications.

These days, every company relies on an assortment of systems to capture, store, and report on activities and transactions across the enterprise. Until recently, getting all your applications to share data required teams of highly skilled technical consultants and weeks or months of work—sometimes with questionable results.

Not anymore. Software integration enables you or your IT team to quickly and easily move data in and out of your CMMS software.

What Can I Do with Data Integration Technology?

Many companies use data integration features to…

  • Import data to the CMMS software from files, databases, or other applications
  • Export data from the CMMS software to other applications, files, or databases
  • Schedule imports and exports based on times or file changes
  • Save “mapping profiles” to your data sources and targets

It’s likely other applications store data in a wide array of file and data exchange formats. Make sure you know which applications need which type of file formats. Common ones include...

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Text files
  • CSV files
  • XML Web Services

How Will Data Integration Help Me?

Tight integration between CMMS software and your other business-critical applications and data stores will do more than reduce hassle. You’ll enjoy these benefits too...

  • Fewer errors due to manual data entry
  • Reduced data input redundancy
  • Faster response times to maintenance problems
  • Near real-time monitoring of critical data
  • The ability to grow with your company’s changing technologies

Note that data integration is different from one-time import/exports, which commonly occur when the CMMS software is first integrated. Next time, we’ll explain what to look for when reviewing each vendor’s implementation services.

Do you have specific questions about data integration? Our MPulse engineers can help. Give us a call today.

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