Back to CMMS Basics, Part 5: Who Should Be Involved in the Decision?

2nd November 2017
2nd November 2017

The maintenance department doesn’t work in a silo anymore. So, who else is affected by your CMMS software decisions—and will want to be a part of the process?

As we continue our series, this question is particularly important. It's likely you need to convince other people that CMMS software can help them. You’ll need to meet both their business and emotional needs if you hope to be truly successful.

Identify Your Stakeholders and Know Their Needs

In the CMMS buying process, there are several key stakeholder groups to consider:

  • Users
  • Senior Managers
  • IT Managers
  • Procurement Managers
  • Financial Managers
  • Legal/Compliance Officers

For each group, ask questions like…

  • How is this program likely to affect each person’s daily workload positively or negatively?
  • How might this program threaten each person’s job, work performance, or domain of responsibility?
  • Is it possible that this person might have emotional reasons to oppose the program? What could they be?

Then What?

Once you identify your stakeholders, you’ll need to…

  • Listen—and develop an understanding of your stakeholders’ concerns. Ask some probing questions to understand what they like and don’t like about the current workflow. 
  • Do your homework. Be sure to vet all potential solutions for usability based on what you learned from your discussions.
  • Evangelize the merits of the chosen solution—prior to implementation. Explain what it does and how it does it to those who’ll be using the software and/or the data. Sometimes establishing the right expectations is half the battle.
  • Train. Train. Train. Be sure to purchase good training. Before go-live day, ensure all key people have been trained.

Often, simply involving stakeholders in the buying process at the right time can prevent many issues. Be sure to involve your vendors in this process with software demos and Q&A sessions so you can make sure everyone’s needs are addressed. Software vendors should be happy to help you with those things.

Next time we’ll talk about the biggest CMMS software questions—how much can I expect to spend and what are my buying options?

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