Building Preventive Maintenance Software

Often facility managers must juggle many different requests from multiple sources about everything from infrastructure to environmental and safety systems. Building preventative maintenance software—also called computerized maintenance management software (CMMS)—makes it much easier to determine what needs to be done, by when, and by who.

What Is Building Preventive Maintenance Software?

Facility CMMS software gives facility and building managers the tools to make your maintenance operation more efficient. Maintenance can cover any number of things, including HVAC systems, communications, electrical, utility, fire protection, landscaping, safety systems, and much more.

What Can Building Preventive Maintenance Software Do for Me?

Traditionally, facility management tended to be reactive, where the maintenance team responds to whomever is yelling loudest. Facility CMMS software changes all that. Now your maintenance team can become proactive, preventing breakdowns before they happen.

Building preventive maintenance software helps maintenance managers like you by...

  • Service Request Management: Maintenance customers can enter and initiate service requests and monitor the progress of their requests as your team completes repairs.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Establish a preventive maintenance program to make sure your assets are working in the most efficient manner, helping to prevent breakdowns before they occur.
  • Scheduling: Determine the number of manhours you really spend on maintenance, and schedule accordingly.
  • Work Order Management: Track the management and the details of repair and maintenance work, including the asset, maintenance employee, parts, repair date and time, schedule, and much more.
  • Asset Records: Store details about your equipment, vehicles, buildings, and any other type of asset your team maintains, which provides the basis for life cycle analysis and replacement forecasting.
  • Employee and Contractor Data Storage: Track data about the employees, subcontractors, and vendors who do your maintenance work.
  • Inventory Management: Link items and their unit costs to work orders and assets, creating simple records of inventory items that let you track and report on consumption of those items.

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MPulse facility CMMS can help make your maintenance operations more productive and more efficient, whatever your needs.