28th June 2018

“I couldn’t justify spending the time to clean up all the data,” he said. “The cost wouldn’t warrant the benefits. And it was so bad, I suspect it would have been impossible to get it where we needed to be.”

So, Manual decided to do... Read More

20th June 2018

“Most manufacturers focus on production workers—the people who are turning out the products on the line,” he said. “Not as many see that maintenance is the center of the... Read More

14th June 2018

After getting buy-in from other Porocel sites and his IT team, Mike made the changes.

“I called MPulse and asked them how quickly we could make it happen,” said Mike. “When I came in the next morning, it was done. I put in my login and... Read More

7th June 2018

When you’re researching CMMS software, a demo from the vendor is a great way to get direct answers to your questions about how their software works—and how it would work for your maintenance team.

Take advantage of this opportunity. Below... Read More

30th May 2018

As software technology continues to advance, so has the way we buy it.

Historically, software was sold as a per-seat license. One person—or seat—needed one license. Five people needed five licenses... ten people needed ten licenses… and so... Read More