Simple Ways to Improve Your Maintenance Operations, Part 4: Calendar View


During a recent visit to a new customer on the East Coast, I saw a very familiar sight—a long list of maintenance tasks in an Excel spreadsheet and a frustrated maintenance team.

The Excel spreadsheet was managed by Charlie, a 20-something guy who knew things needed to change. As we talked about his organization’s needs and workflows, he said something that I’ve heard time and time again.

“Steve,” he grumbled, waving at the spreadsheet on his computer screen. “This just isn’t working.”

I chuckled because I’ve heard it before. But this problem had a simple solution (as we’ve been discussing), thanks to their new CMMS software—a calendar view.

The Value of a Maintenance Calendar

Where once techs like Charlie may have had to write on a paper calendar or manually transfer dates to a different program, now it’s easy to visualize maintenance work with industrial preventive maintenance software.

In every office in every building, there’s a calendar on the wall or the desk.

I’m no exception. Every week, I have a calendar that shows me exactly what I need to do—it includes meetings, travel information, tasks, and even birthdays. Some things populate automatically, like my weekly staff meetings. Others are added on the fly.

Now, I could have a long “To Do” list in Excel with some dates and deadlines in terms of maintenance operations management tasks. But that’s really inefficient. Visualizing my week with a maintenance calendar gives me a really good idea about which days are going to be super busy, and which days are better for sneaking in a golf game.

Visualize Your Maintenance Tasks

A maintenance calendar view feature in your CMMS software may sound pretty basic, but in Charlie’s experience—and mine—the ability to visualize deadlines and dates makes my week—and my month—go much smoother.

Calendars are a huge part of the maintenance operations management field—from preventive maintenance planning to staff schedules. The ability to visualize what needs to happen and when helps maintenance teams stay on the same page, no matter how busy they get.

With Charlie’s new MPulse Software, Inc, he’ll have a calendar view for easy visualization that also seamlessly intertwines into work order creation.

“It may sound like a simple thing,” he said. “But it will help me—and the whole team—stay on top of what needs to be done.”

Simple, Yet Effective Maintenance Tools

Streamlining simple, yet time-consuming, tasks is a huge benefit of CMMS software.

I can’t imagine trying to work without my digital calendar. How could a calendar view in your CMMS software help your maintenance operations? Leave a comment or contact me.