A Maintenance Manager’s Guide to the Industrial Internet of Things, Part 8: How Is the IIoT Taking Maintenance into the Future?


This post completes completes our series by discussing how the IIoT is taking maintenance into the future.

From the maintenance manager’s perspective, the IIoT offers compelling benefits that can translate into significant operational improvements:

  • Less downtime
  • Fewer repairs and lower repair costs
  • Longer asset life
  • A more comprehensive view of asset health for better maintenance planning
  • The opportunity to use staff more effectively and efficiently by focusing them on the assets that really need attention

A recent report by audit and assurance firm PwC indicates that IIoT transformation is not just imperative, but urgent:

As industrial companies take these implications on board and develop their IIoT strategies and approaches, a question that commonly arises is how fast they need to move. How long is their window of opportunity? Do they have five years to transform to a new technology and operating blueprint for the IIoT world? Two years? Just six months? The answer may vary by industry. But in virtually every case, we think the available timeframe for IIoT transformation is shorter than companies currently believe. Similar to other industries, the Internet will accelerate disruption. *

We agree. The combination of the IIoT and CMMS software can bridge data communication, so that maintenance teams can make a more positive and strategic impact on their organizations.

A Maintenance Manager's Guide to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)The real power of the IIoT isn’t in the sensors and devices per se. It’s the software that stores and processes that data that makes the difference. CMMS software helps maintenance organizations make sense of what to do with the data gathered by these devices, directing them to take action when the asset indicates the time is right. When an asset’s condition changes, CMMS lets you know so your team can react to any problems immediately, improving the reliability of your assets while reducing risk and driving down costs. Ultimately, CMMS is where data becomes action to keep your assets operating efficiently and minimize downtime.

The IIoT is coming to maintenance, whether you’re ready or not. But those who lead will be preparing for its arrival. To learn more about how MPulse Software can help you implement IIoT in your maintenance organization, contact our industrial technology experts today. We’ll get you where you need to be at a pace that works for you.

Want more information about the IIoT? You can download the entire e-book here, or contact us with questions.

* “The Industrial Internet of Things,” PwC, 2016, http://www.pwc.es/es/digital/assets/industrial-internet-of-things.pdf.

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