How to Prioritize Maintenance Tasks So You Can Get Stuff Done, Part 3: CMMS Software


In this series, I’ve been sharing my tips for prioritizing maintenance tasks.

Once, you probably kept a written list on your desk, or maybe a spreadsheet on your computer. I sure did.

But those old methods take up a lot of time and certainly don’t help you or your team work efficiently, much less keep everyone on the same page.

And that’s where CMMS software can help.

What Do You Have to Gain?

Let me use a very simple example from my own experience.

I used to keep detailed maintenance schedules written down on paper. It was a complicated, but thorough system.

But it took a lot of time to keep it updated. It took even more time to share it with my colleagues who needed to know what was going on.

CMMS software freed up my time and my mind. Reminders popped up when I needed them. Continuous schedules were easy to create. And if I had questions, my maintenance data had answers—answers for questions like…

  • How much am I spending to repair that asset?
  • Is it more cost effective to repair or replace it?
  • Is my team behind on scheduled tasks?
  • Should I hire another staff member?
  • Where is the money going?

Best of all, my CMMS software created a repository of maintenance information. That means I can ask different questions in the future—ones I didn’t think about earlier.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Maintenance reporting software makes asset information, historical data, vendor information, media files, and other details easily accessible by the people who need it. (Even better, if you’ve made the move to mobile, your team can easily find this information while they’re in the field or on the shop floor.)

With good data to work from, my crew could make good decisions. And I know it improved my company’s ability to compete.

Maintenance software helps you stay on top of your growing to do list. Because the less time you spend making lists, the more time you can dedicate to more important things, like getting those tasks done.

What’s your experience using CMMS software to prioritize maintenance tasks? Any suggestions for other maintenance managers? Leave a comment or contact me.