Find Hidden Costs with Maintenance Management Software

We hear from a lot of customers about how MPulse CMMS software has changed their maintenance operations.

One customer—Luis—recently shared his story that we thought might sound familiar to other maintenance managers.

Luis chose MPulse CMMS Software after getting a simple objective from his bosses—control the cost of maintenance. He thought he knew what he would discover after his CMMS software implementation.

But Luis found some surprises.

“MPulse identified hidden costs that I wouldn’t have seen without the software,” Luis said. “My bosses were impressed with what I discovered after digging into the data.”


Luis and his company’s accounting folks knew the maintenance team’s overtime costs were steadily increasing over time. But after looking at his MPulse CMMS reports, Luis saw which assets were causing the need for that overtime.

That led to deeper questions about the benefit of replacing versus repairing certain assets. Additionally, Luis could see when it was more efficient to add more staff members instead of paying current employees more overtime.


Like many maintenance operations, Luis and his team didn’t have inventory tracking in place before MPulse. Luis started with creating simple inventory records and using MPulse PartLink to link those inventory items and their unit costs to work orders and assets.

Then Luis and his parts room team took the next step by using MPulse to track and report on consumption of those items. They also were able to identify needed parts faster, preventing downtime while the techs were waiting for parts. Plus, they saved more money by reducing inventory shrinkage and bloat.

Data Entry

Luis discovered his employees were spending significant time re-entering and maintaining data, such as inventory and purchasing information, in multiple systems.

To address this problem, Luis turned to the MPulse DataLink Integration Adapter to significantly reduce data sharing complexity. MPulse DataLink Integration Adapter enabled his local IT team to quickly and easily move data in and out of MPulse using an intuitive interface, saving a lot of time and duplicate effort.

Just these three things alone have helped Luis and his team control the costs of maintenance.

“It sounds simple, and it was—as soon as we had MPulse,” he said. “I don’t know why we waited so long.”

How can MPulse find hidden costs in your maintenance department? Contact us to find out.