2014 Set for Growth and Improvement


by guest blogger Jason Johnson

2013 has seen a return to economic growth, if still a bit slower than many of us would like. Though we did see a messy government shutdown in October—marked by much bloviation and self-interested political posturing—we also saw numerous positive indicators.

The US unemployment rate continued to drop from its high of 10% in October of 2009 to a new 4-year low of 7% in November 2013. New housing starts rocketed to a new 4-year high of nearly 1.1 million in November, as well. And in December, the Federal Reserve telegraphed its acknowledgement of the improving economy by announcing it would begin to taper off it’s bond-buying program that has been so successful at buoying our damaged economy. 

So what do all these things mean for those of us who participate in the economy by keeping our factories running, facilities open, and other equipment in top-notch shape? They mean that things are looking good for 2014–and we’re likely to see much more demand for our services as manufacturing ramps back up, occupancy increases, and the demand for goods and services moves closer to pre-recession levels. They mean we’ll soon be scrambling to keep up with the increased pace and looking for solutions to continually improve our productivity, doing more and more with the limited resources we’ve got.

During 2014, we at MPulse will be taking a close look at the ways that maintenance management is changing, what’s driving those changes, and how our customers can benefit from them. We’ll be telling you what we find in our new blog series, The Future of Maintenance Management. You can check out the first article in the series, 10 Trends Shaping Your Workplace, right now. Future articles will be available every few weeks over the coming months, right here on the Maintenance Maven blog.

We’d love to hear from you too. What’s changing the way you do your job? How could technology do a better job for you in 2014? What tools and technologies do you plan to adopt in the new year?