Three Secret Weapons for Achieving CMMS Success


Once you’ve found the right CMMS software for your organization, the real work begins. The challenges of implementing CMMS software often are underestimated.

Here at MPulse, we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. So we’re sharing three secret weapons that will help you achieve CMMS success.

1. Implementation Services

You get the best advice from the people who’ve done it. That’s why we’ve developed our expert implementation services for both new and current MPulse customers…

  • Assured Implementation Program (AIP): Our most comprehensive program, AIP gets our new customers through planning, data migration, installation, training, and “go-live” day.
  • Assess, Adjust, and Implement (AAI): For our current customers, AAI gives you a comprehensive assessment of your current state and concludes with training and services to assist you in implementing improvements.

We’re sure so you’ll see results with our implementation services, we offer the MPulse Implementation Success Guarantee. If your CMMS implementation isn’t successful by your first anniversary, MPulse will waive your second-year maintenance and support fees.

2. Training

AIP and AAI both include training as part of the respective packages. But MPulse knows every customer is different. So we’ve develop options to fit a range of needs and budgets…

  • Premium Onsite Training
    • MPulse QuickStart Training: We send an experienced senior MPulse trainer to your location for 4 days of intensive instruction.
    • MPulse AIP: See description above.
    • MPulse AAI: See description above.
  • MPulse Training Center
    • Live 4-day classroom training in our Eugene, OR, headquarters. Provides basic instruction on skills necessary to successfully navigate, use, and configure your MPulse implementation. Also great for refresher training and users new to your organization.
  • Instructor-led and Recorded Online Training
    • MPulse University Six/60: Six instructor-led, live training sessions presented in a webinar format to your company’s users. One-to-many setup allows you to train teams small and large, regardless of location.
    • MPulse Basic Training Webinar: Our MPulse Basic Training Webinar will show you the basics of how to use MPulse. Get multiple users up to speed quickly!

3. Refine

They say change is the only constant. Perhaps no one understands this better than maintenance professionals. As your needs change, take the time to refine your CMMS software workflows. To help we offer expert consulting services, include…

  • Dedicated Account Manager: With a single point of contact for anything MPulse related, you are always working with someone who understands your organization and has the knowledge to implement our software to meet your needs.
  • MPulse Reset: If you’re an existing MPulse customer who’s already worked through any of our other MPulse Software training and implementation services, MPulse Reset can help you reconfigure your workflows and benchmarks, and then determine where adjustments to your software can help.
  • Assess, Adjust, and Implement (AAI) Program: See description above.

Contact us to learn how MPulse can help you use these three secret weapons to achieve maintenance success.