How CMMS Software Helps Your Maintenance Team Streamline Workflows


Have you ever had a project or a task that took way longer than it should?

I have.

It’s not only frustrating, it’s expensive—taking valuable time (and money) away from other resources.

While unexpected problems arise, often there’s something making it harder than it should be.

That’s what Melanie discovered. As her company’s MPulse administrator, Melanie’s at the hub of the maintenance team’s workflows.

Melanie’s company bought MPulse Software, Inc about six months ago, giving Melanie an vital tool to prevent scheduling problems that constantly plagued her maintenance team.

Automate Schedules with CMMS Software

“Just recently I had a frustrated manager on the phone wanting to know why he got charged for something that didn’t get fixed,” she explained.

Melanie saw the problem right away. “Last year, when the task was completed, the tech didn’t finish the paperwork,” she explained. “We manually scheduled tasks back then, and since we didn’t have the paperwork, we didn’t update the schedule. It fell through the cracks.”

It was easy to fix. But Melanie wanted to make sure it wouldn’t happen again.

Melanie used MPulse to generate an automated schedule of PM tasks, making it simpler to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

“We’ll be on top of it next year—and every year after,” she said.

Simplify Approval Process with CMMS Software

Since implementing CMMS software, Melanie found another workflow that wasn’t working as well as it should—the approval process.

“Things were getting delayed because it took too long to get approval,” she explained.

Melanie’s company added the MPulse Request Approval Routing Manager as a feature extension to automatically filter maintenance requests based on predetermined criteria.

Melanie set it up so MPulse quickly routes requests to the appropriate people for review and approval. It also…

  • Allows approvers take action, append notes, and make comments on requests
  • Provides email notification of approval status
  • Gives easy access to approval status and comments
  • Saves a permanent record of request approval details

Now Melanie knows that requests are being seen, verified, and approved by the right people at the right time.

The simplified process eliminated the need for paper-based approvals.

“Plus, our communication is much better,” Melanie said. “And we have a clear audit trail for compliance tracking.”

Best of all, Melanie feels like she—and her team—have a much better handle on their workload.

“Things don’t slip through the cracks anymore,” she explained. “And our response time has improved by 30 percent.”

How could CMMS software improve your team’s workflows? Leave a comment or contact me. We all benefit from sharing good ideas.