What Are Your CMMS Reports Telling You?

With CMMS software, every work order builds up a treasure trove of maintenance data in your CMMS database.

The next step? Turning your maintenance data reports into actionable insight.

That’s the real value of CMMS software. Read on for this CMMS solution.

Find Out What’s Working… and What’s Not

CMMS reports help you see your maintenance operations in a new light. It’s easier to see what’s working… and what needs more attention.

That was Miguel’s experience. Once his MPulse Software, Inc was working, it didn’t take long before he saw his operations in a new light.

CMMS maintenance data reports helped Miguel understand…

  • What work is getting done. And what’s falling through the cracks.
  • Who’s doing what and how long it takes them to do it.
  • How much that asset really costs, and when it’s more cost effective to replace it.
  • Which parts are overstocked, which parts are understocked, and which parts need longer lead times.
  • What’s the inventory turn rate.
  • How much the department is spending and on what.
  • Which assets are pulling their weight, and which ones aren’t.
  • How much a breakdown really costs.
  • What to do to prevent those breakdowns before they happen.

Make Good Decisions Based on Hard Data

CMMS reports aren’t just about the numbers, however. It’s what those numbers mean.

“I knew MPulse would help us manage work flows and track inventory,” Miguel said. “But the data showed me things I didn’t anticipate, like which asset was costing us more than it’s giving back.”

Here’s where the real value lies. Armed with solid data and strong reporting features, CMMS software enables you to make good decisions based on hard evidence. No assumptions. No guesswork. Just data.

That means you’ll know what’s working well in your maintenance department—and where you should focus your efforts to make improvements.

We call that data-driven decision making. In modern maintenance organizations, it’s this type of maintenance management that helps organizations compete in increasingly complicated and competitive markets.

Set Up Your CMMS Software for Success

It takes more than just buying software, however. Miguel set up his team for success with our CMMS solutions by defining what he wanted to know from his CMMS software, so the work orders collected the data he needed.

For example, “we knew we needed to get our inventory costs under control,” Miguel explained. “So we made sure our work orders including parts and supplies information. That extra effort paid off later when we got deeper into inventory management.”

You don’t know what you don’t know. Maintenance data reports can help you see what you’ve been missing.

What do you want to know? Contact us to see how CMMS software can help you find the answers.