12th April 2019

Often maintenance teams can use MTBF to adjust inspections schedules or preventive maintenance tasks. For example, if the asset fails multiple times for the same reasons, you might not have found the root cause, or it’s time to add some PMs to... Read More

5th April 2019

Maintenance can be triggered in different ways: use-based maintenance, fail-based maintenance, or condition-based maintenance. Pick one strategy for each asset.

  1. Use-based maintenance (UBM) is triggered by time, meter... Read More
27th March 2019

Whatever you decide to measure, CMMS software gives you the tools you need to determine if your maintenance team is doing the right things to support or improve... Read More

18th March 2019

Maintenance affects every product you buy and every building or landscape you walk through.

Take a second to look around, right now, wherever you are.

What are you standing on? Any floor—tile, linoleum, concrete, carpet—needs... Read More

12th March 2019

CMMS data is a treasure trove of asset information. Over time, CMMS software provides a historical record of repairs and maintenance costs, which you can view in relation to other data—like asset age, previous repair history, and replacement cost... Read More