23rd April 2018

When it’s time to buy or replace an asset, it’s easy to focus purely on the initial purchase price. But digging deeper could save your organization a lot of time and money in the long run.

The key is to calculate both the direct and... Read More

16th April 2018

It was a typical Monday morning, until Dawn sat down at her desk. She had a surprise waiting for her—a big pile of outstanding work orders.

Dawn quickly realized these work... Read More

13th April 2018

Traditionally maintenance was thought of a cost center—an area that does not directly add to profit, but still costs money to operate.

Not anymore.

Today’s organizations have discovered maintenance has a direct effect on their... Read More

5th April 2018

Do you have a backlog of maintenance and repair tasks that feels like it’s constantly growing? You’re not alone. A long list of unclosed work orders or deferred repairs can feel overwhelming, particularly when you see more work coming down the... Read More

29th March 2018

No matter its size, every maintenance team can benefit from the ability to save money, improve response times, and keep assets running longer and more... Read More