15th February 2018

Continuing our series, let's turn to what's driving the IIoT.

The principal driver of IIoT development is an economic one: its ability to optimize... Read More

2nd February 2018

As a maintenance manager, you’re responsible for the team that monitors and cares for your organization’s valuable capital assets. Continuing our discussion, we'... Read More

30th January 2018

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is coming, and it will change how maintenance work is done in the same way other digital technologies have transformed how we live our everyday lives.

... Read More

20th January 2018

After two decades in maintenance management, Jose had seen a lot of changes in the field. But it really hit home when he started a new job last year.

His new employer—a state agency—had CMMS software. But it was close to a decade old, and... Read More