14th September 2018

Sooner or later, everyone needs the maintenance team—from the operator on the phone calling about an emergency breakdown, to the vendor working on a warranty job, to the manager asking for an update on a repair.

These are a maintenance... Read More

7th September 2018

Most maintenance employees are highly technical. Today, the maintenance department’s typical workday includes specialized tasks related to a broad range of advanced technologies.

As such, more maintenance teams are relying on information... Read More

31st August 2018

While creating a capital plan usually involves multiple departments, maintenance will likely be a big part of the process because you work closely with an organization’s key assets. And that’s where... Read More

24th August 2018

Cost centers are intuitive groupings of equipment, rooms, buildings, or other assets that align with the way you think about tracking costs.

As maintenance and repair dollars and labor hours are expended on assets in those cost centers,... Read More

16th August 2018

Every maintenance manager knows that it’s hard to create a realistic budget without historical information. CMMS software tells you exactly what you’ve spent in the past, so you... Read More