Remember all the fuss about the .COM revolution? Well, it's not over yet. Maintenance managers are experiencing our own transformation, thanks to rapidly evolving technology and the growing need for data-driven management.

What's the Revolution?

Back when the Internet was an emerging technology, organizations began to integrate web-based software for business functions like communication via email and marketing via websites.

But that was just the beginning. As technology became exponentially faster and significantly cheaper, new models were adopted. These advances paved the way to today’s cloud-based software, which has been rapidly integrated at all organizational levels, from boardrooms to accounting to product development to customer service, and everything in between.

Now the revolution has arrived in maintenance departments around the globe in the form or maintenance management software, or CMMS software.

Much of this change relates to the growing trend of data driven management, which simply refers to the practice of decision making based on hard data, instead of perceptions or assumptions.

Increasing competition from globalization has created a need for accurate data at all levels of an organization. As more executives discover that maintenance plays a huge role in both production levels and cost control, interest in CMMS software has exploded.

And the revolution has arrived at the maintenance department.

How Will the Revolution Affect My Maintenance Operations?

The biggest benefits of modern CMMS software is increased productivity and improved efficiency. Maintenance teams can use CMMS software to...

  • Manage work orders
  • Schedule preventive maintenance
  • Track inventory and supplies
  • Monitor asset performance
  • Control costs
  • Document regulatory compliance information
  • Analyze maintenance data
  • Report on all maintenance activities

As a result, the revolution can help maintenance teams make the most of their resources, which contributes directly to the organization's bottom line.

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